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Vice President for this Region: 

Julian NG

I have been interested in TVET since I was a young lad. Despite being focused on an academic pathway, I was always encouraged to pursue extra-curricular activities and the breadth of the things I learnt have held me in good stead over the years and helped me to engage with people from all walks of life. I have a strong passion for education – to steer people towards seeing the lightbulbs brighten up with their own eyes, to enable them to discover the learning for their own selves. This, I have been fortunate to engender at all levels in my career as an educator – from kindergarten all the way to University. TVET has the added benefit of being hands-on. This further dimension to learning is an extremely powerful tool. I believe that TVET can show traditional academia that learning does not have to be dry and boring, yet still produce results that are exceptional.  IVETA, being an international organisation, can effect a lot of change. It has a non-partisan approach to learning and collaboration, both of which begin with the Committee and its members. It can link and liaise with governments, organisations and industry. If I am nominated, I would like to encourage more collaboration between members, initiate dialogues with industry and governments on IVETA’s behalf through discrete projects as well as generally. We can only succeed in our mission if we share and work together.

Past Vice President:

Dr. Brenden Tempest Mogg, United Kingdom


Dr Brenden D Tempest-Mogg, Vice-President for Europe

Spring 2018 Report

I have been actively recruiting members for IVETA, and for ASIC organisational members to attend the TVET Conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

1.       ASIC (UK) will be attending.
2.       Asia Metropolitan University (Malaysia) will be attending.
3.       I will be attending.
4.       There may be other members from Europe attending depending on air fares and costs. I am emailing all members for their intentions.

Key development in Europe has been the thrust to increase memberships.  Sally Marshall, CEO of Steer Your Business (UK) has joined.  Dr. Bahjat Sandouka, Chief Director of Lucton International School (UK) has joined.  He is keen to expand IVETA network in the Middle East. Other possibilities are from Asia.

Two issues that need to be addressed. One is the need for more co-operation among members. The other, more commitment for an annual meeting of the European regional members.  I am looking at a date and a venue for October.


Throughout this year, I have been actively trying to recruit members for IVETA. The main problem has been the lack of good marketing materials and the out of date website.  To overcome these issues discussions have been made with members of the Marketing and Finance Committee. I have submitted (without feedback) the following for consideration:

1.         Branding and Website proposal from GEO Media (UK)

2.         Branding and Website proposal from Jeremy Downes (UK)

3.         Design and price for a new promotional table banner (£100)

4.         Proposal for a monthly professional BLOG by Mr. Booth (£25 per month)

Also: I suggested for consideration:

5.         A budget for overseas travel for Regional Vice-Presidents (Executive Committee) to attend the Annual Conference and other relevant conferences.

6.         Exemption from conference fee for Regional Vice-Presidents (Executive Committee) to attend relevant conferences.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the IVETA Conference in Sydney and New Zealand. However, I did represent IVETA at two events:

a.         The ASIC International 10th Anniversary Conference held in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) in September. IVETA members, Dr Julian Ng (UK), Amanda Offen (Australia), and Amanda Grassby (Australia) attended. I noted that there were about another 6-8 IVETA ‘members’ from overseas, but felt that these may not be paid-up members, yet using the IVETA logo!!! Dr Maurice Dimmock (CEO ASIC) spoke highly of IVETA, and I accepted the ASIC award for IVETA’s “Outstanding Contribution to International Education” (Where do I send it?). I gave a brief power-point presentation on IVETA at the conference. I stressed its global outreach and networking advantages. A display table had the IVETA leaflets displayed (but it was not impressive!). I mentioned the Annual Conference to be held in South Africa next August. ASIC is keen to become more ‘involved’ with IVETA, particularly for this conference. I will follow up on this.  While in Kuala Lumpur I had a very good meeting with Baha, and he presented me with the IVETA award which was much appreciated. Thank you.

b.         IVETA was invited to the Annual VIP Sydney Speakers Series Luncheon held at the Australian Embassy in London. It was hosted by the Australian High Commissioner to the UK, the Hon Alexander Downer. The keynote address was given by Lord Jonathan Evans, former head of MI5. About 40 VIP guests from ‘leading associations and influencers’ attended so it was a good opportunity to network and promote IVETA. Again, I really needed impressive leaflets!

In August, Carmel Thompson was welcomed to Canterbury, and we had meetings with Canterbury Cathedral International Studies Centre and Christchurch University Conference

Centre personnel to inspect facilities and explore possibilities for future IVETA conferences/meetings. Both venues were ideal for different events and numbers.

I am keen to have a meeting for the IVETA European members in February/March and this could be held in Canterbury, Paris or Athens. I will follow up on this idea.

Finally, Dr Vera raised a point: The term, "vocational education" is deemed as an "inferior education" here in the US, and we use "Career and Technical Education" as our rebranding.

I have heard the same negative comments in the UK, where the word ‘vocational’ is often viewed as ‘outdated’, ‘low level’, ‘second-rate education’.  Perhaps, ICETA – International Career Education & Training Association would be more suitable given its current perception! Sorry, I don’t want to rock the boat!

Good that Carmel and Javier have ‘taken on’ the website, re-branding and marketing needs. Javier presented a very good indepth marketing plan at our recent Skype meeting. Pleased to help.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Festive Season, and a great year ahead for us all and IVETA.



Dr Brenden D Tempest-Mogg, Vice-President IVETA Europe

Date: 5th June 2017

I have been actively trying to recruit members for IVETA. One educator from Bangladesh Dr Sumon Talukder is seeking to join, and to attend the meeting in Christ Church, New Zealand. He is very well connected in vocational and technical training.

Regarding activities in Europe, I am intending to have a meeting for members keen to network and help with marketing and increasing memberships. No date has been set yet, but most likely in October.

I will be meeting with Carmel Thompson while she is in the UK 7th/8th August. We will hold discussions with the CEO of ASIC, Mr. Maurice Dimmock about ASIC being a co-sponsor with IVETA for the Annual Conference in September 2018. I understand that a representative of ASIC will be attending the June event in Sydney, and the annual conference in Christ Church, New Zealand. ASIC was suggesting the venue be held at the Limkokwing University campus in central London. Limkokwing is a Malaysian university with a focus on the Creative Arts. I had suggested another option – Canterbury Christ Church University, which has very good conference facilities including onsite accommodation. Canterbury is 55 minutes from central London by High Speed Train. The Port of Dover is 20 minutes for those wishing to come by car ferry, and Ashford is 20 minutes away for the Eurostar Service from Paris, Brussels, etc. The popular designer outlet is based in Ashford, easily accessible by train from Canterbury.

I will attend the TVET 2017 Conference in New Zealand. Unfortunately, I am unable to be at the Sydney event. What I have seen about the Sydney event is very impressive, and Javier Amaro and his team have done an excellent job with the marketing. Speakers look very impressive.

Spring 2017 Report

Greetings from the UK.

Key Developments in Europe:

I am working to attract more institutional and individual members. To facilitate this, I am intending to have a European networking event in Canterbury in the next few months. Focus will be on the strength of memberships and networking opportunities. I have already encouraged ASIC and IVETA to co-share conference sponsorships, and this will happen in Kuala Lumpar and in Sydney. Not sure about New Zealand as not much has appeared yet about this event?

Two Areas to consider:

1.       How can we make IVETA membership more attractive?
2.       How can we maintain members?


Stressing to all members that they contribute items/news/challenges/issues to the Forum. Make the Forum more relevant with opportunities for members to highlight their skills/organization/institution. Thus, all can benefit from networking and co-operation. I am working on submitting articles etc. on a regular basis.

End of Year Report - 2016

This year it has been an honour to be Vice-President for Europe, and to be part of a vibrant and progressive organisation that is dedicated to vocational and technical training. I have endeavoured to focus on networking, promoting IVETA, and understanding more about what is needed to expand the membership at all levels. Three events stand out:

1. The first networking event was held at Warnborough College in Canterbury in March, with members from the UK, Republic of Ireland, Finland, Greece, Bulgaria  and France attending. Institutional presentations were appreciated, and enthusiasm was shown to encourage more European members to provide Networking events. Dr Rumyana Shalamanova offered to host an event in Sofia, Bulgaria in October.

2. Attending the TVET/IVETA Annual Conference in Suva, Fiji in August was very special. This was my first visit to Fiji and the conference was well organised with outstanding presentations and workshops, delicious local food, cultural tours, and warm hospitality. A lot of effort had been put into this conference and all organisers should be congratulated on a job well done. This conference gave the opportunity to learn more, to meet other IVETA members, and to glean new knowledge about changes and developments in vocational and technical training. Friendships were made and areas for co-operation explored.  I am in touch with several members working on ideas. The next annual conference will be held in Queenstown, New Zealand in September 2017. I will be bringing a delegation from the UK, Greece and France, and I expect others in Europe will attend. New Zealand promises to be another special event to celebrate IVETA achievements, to gain new knowledge, catching up with friends, and of course enjoy the delights of New Zealand.

3. The networking event in Sofia, was attended by members from the UK, France and Greece. Dr Rumyana Shalamanova, CEO of Know and Can Association and her colleague Dr Nicolai were excellent hosts. A welcome reception greeted us at Know and Can Association facilities, and the next day our presentations and meetings began at the Central Park Hotel. There were about 30 participants mostly from state institutions, and it was good to learn about their programmes and needs. There was focus on Erasmus + funding for specific projects, and IVETA institutions would be apply to apply. We enjoyed the city tours of Sofia, a beautiful historic city, and the day trip to Plovdiv, European Capital of Culture. The food in Bulgaria was exceptional - enjoyed by us all.

During the Fiji Conference it was good to meet Dr Olga Oleynikova, former President of IVETA, who has offered a networking meeting in Moscow in the spring. This will be ideal as there is already interest from other IVETA members in Europe. Also, I will be going to Athens in January for a meeting with IVETA member Dr Matina Chronopoulou, and we intend to promote IVETA in Greece among institutions who may be keen to join.

Some points to raise:

1. Need to get the IVETA website up-to-date and more attractive (we discussed this in Fiji). (Good if this was done before NZ Conference).

2. Encourage other regional vice-presidents to start networking meetings. Perhaps, they should have this ‘requirement’ in their appointment of at least one meeting in their region per year.

3. A new flyer/leaflet asap.

4. Standardised business card design.

It has been good working with the IVETA offices, and making new friends. Thank you.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Festive Season, and a fantastic year ahead for IVETA and for us all.

Fall Report:

The European chapter of the International Vocational, Education and Training Association (IVETA) had their second meeting this year in  Sofia, Bulgaria. The event was hosted by Know and Can Association at the Central Park Hotel, facing the majestic Palace of Culture on the 20th and 21st October.

28 organisations participated including Warnborough College (Ireland and UK), the Academy for Distance learning (UK) and Innovative Knowledge Institute (France). Dr Matina Chronopoulou, the IVETA member from Greece attended also.

Universities and other institutions from Bulgaria presented at this event, and time was set aside on the second day to brainstorm ways of networking and cooperation.

Dr Brenden Tempest-Mogg is also Vice-President of IVETA Europe. He spoke about the association’s goals to develop vocational education and training (VET) in Europe, and the rise of competency-based assessments throw the European Quality Framework. Dr Julian Ng did a workshop on Objectives-Based Education (OBE), a paradigm that is fast gaining traction around the world which has been proposed by the European Union as the way forward for VET.

See pictures and read more by clicking here:


Greetings.  In August 2016, I had the privilege as Vice President of IVETA Europe to attend the World TVET Conference in Fiji.  Over 200 participants from around the world were able to network and absorb the changes taking place in technical and vocational education. The workshops were impressive where the emphasis was on quality output, performance and innovation – essential for organisations to remain competitive and relevant. IVETA was well represented.  Dr Isimeli Tagicakiverata, Chairman of IVETA World TVET Conference Organising Committee, and his team did a splendid job in making the event extraordinary. The venue location in Suva at the famous Grand Pacific Hotel provided a perfect base for the presentations and meetings. The food and entertainment were excellent, and the warm hospitality was much appreciated. Ms Carmel Thompson, President of IVETA did wonders with her networking and PR skills bringing together so many nationalities. Congratulations to everyone involved in making the IVETA/TVET Conference memorable and successful. Well done.

During the past few month I have been working on increasing memberships, and I have some potential candidates in the pipeline. Also, focus has been on the forthcoming IVETA networking event to be held in Sofia, Bulgaria 20th to 21st October. This is being hosted by Dr Rumyana Shalamanova, Chairwoman Know and Can Association. Already we have participants enrolled from the UK, France and Greece. Professor Olga Oleynikova, Past President of IVETA, and Director of the Centre for Vocational Education & Training Studies in Russia, has kindly offered to hold a networking meeting in Moscow next Spring. Details to be announced. Having regional meetings is one way to increase memberships, and to develop partnerships for vocational and technical training. It is hoped that other regions will also follow this idea.

The TVET 2017 World Conference will be held in Queenstown, New Zealand in September. Places are limited so essential that Chuck Wareham ( or Keith Heathcote ( be contacted to reserve a place. For more details see: :

As we are moving towards the end of the year let us focus on more memberships, and building on contacts and friends made at the Fiji Conference.


August 2016 

  • Key developments in TVET in European region

Specifically relating to Canterbury area there has been some negative changes where options for vocational training have been reduced. Notably, the local ‘community college’ is closing down its GCE, ‘A’ Level and IT Departments. Students are expected to go further afield if they wish to take official examinations for entrance to colleges/universities in the UK, and if they want a career in IT.  Teachers and students have been vocal about these changes. It seems that many technical colleges in Kent have been making changes and cutbacks. Not sure if this is due to Brexit and worries about future funding through ERASMUS.  I am waiting until October when we have an IVETA networking meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria to discuss issues in the European region. Input from members will be interesting.

  • Two most significant issues facing TVET in my region?
(a)    High fees for courses is a big problem. Students are finishing courses/qualifications with huge debts and with no employment opportunities. Colleges and universities are promoting the advantages of a qualification, but in reality students are seeing this is not the case and are disgruntled.
(b)    Many graduates advise students (through social media) to consider studying overseas where tuition fees are lower and vocational job prospects are more available.  Even with a qualification graduates are paid a very small increase in salary – so why get into debt for a slight increase in salary?

Summer 2016 Report

Since my last report I have been focusing on:

  •  Increasing memberships, not only in Europe, but also wherever I meet individuals and institutions who are involved in vocational education and training.  So far I have been able to ‘recruit’  8 new members.
  • One organization that has joined IVETA is The Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges & Universities (ASIC) based in the UK, but with a global outreach.  IVETA institutions seeking UK accreditation and partnerships should look at the ASIC website: ASIC also has a good network of agents for recruiting students looking to study and work overseas.


  • Another organization that is involved with vocational education and training is Job Point Central (JPC) ( . Under its CEO, Mr David Ward (IVETA member), internships and job opportunities are being provided, as well as funding through ERASMUS and other bodies.  IVETA members are encouraged to look at this website and make contact with Mr Ward: to learn more and explore options.
  •  Enthusiasm is being expressed by IVETA European members to attend the IVETA Europe Networking Meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria 20th to 21st October kindly arranged by Dr Rumyana Shalamanova, Chairwomen  of Know & Can Association.  Everyone is invited. For details contact:  For those members in Europe who would like to host a networking event in Europe please contact me: It is hoped that more regions will establish these networking events where members can learn about other centres, vocational opportunities, and make new friends.
  • At every opportunity IVETA European membership is promoted, and the benefits of vocational education and training exhorted.  To this end, IVETA European members are encouraged to use the IVETA Discussions Forum and the Newsletter to make announcements and (hopefully) whip up enthusiasm for recruiting new members, training, funding, and networking.
  • Finally, I am looking forward to attending the IVETA Annual Conference in August in Suva, Fiji.

Best wishes to everyone.

Dr Brenden D Tempest-Mogg

IVETA Vice-President Europe

IVETA Report 2016

Click here for a summary of the Canterbury Meeting

IVETA REPORT Europe 2015

Greetings. Please accept my apologies for not being able to attend the New Orleans meeting due to the wedding of my daughter in Australia. I was looking forward to meeting you all, and sharing in the discussions and activities. Also, thank you for appointing me to this position. I will do my best to uphold the aims and objectives of IVETA.

To this end, I intend to increase the membership – individuals and organisations. Already I have signed up about 6-8 regular members and one organisation (Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges & Universities – ASIC). Other applications are in the pipeline.

Another focus for me is to promote IVETA in Europe with vocational bodies and training organisations.  To facilitate this, student/teacher exchange programmes could be promoted and developed. Making colleges and universities more aware of the benefits of vocational skills and training would be a priority.  Bodies such as the Education, Training and Employment CIC and Job Point Central both based in the UK and dedicated to vocational training, employment and funding would be useful for internships and work experience not just for youths but for mature adults seeking re-training in order to go back into the work force with new skills.

Through increased IVETA memberships and social media it would be beneficial to all those who become members worldwide.  The chance to network, attend workshops and regional/annual conferences would enhance even further the vision of IVETA.

Vocational training is needed more than ever today as the demand for high-quality technical, vocational and service skills are required.  IVETA stands out to facilitate

opportunities in international education and training, and I am delighted to be part of this dynamic and expanding organisation.

Thank you.

Dr Brenden D Tempest-Mogg

5th November 2015

Executive Board Meeting 24th August 2015, Kuching, Maleysia

Key developments in VET in Europe are mainly based on the activities and strategies of European Union. We are working on the EUROPE 2020: a strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, launched in 2010. ET 2020 specifies the strategic goals in education and training. The challenges are linked to the following issues:

  • making lifelong learning and mobility a reality;
  • improving the quality and efficiency of education and training;
  • promoting equity, social cohesion and active citizenship;
  • enhancing creativity and innovation, including entrepreneurship, at all levels of education and training.

EU has very impressive goals in education and training. It has to be kept in mind that all member states are responsible for their education and training systems. The newest declaration of ministers in charge of vocational education and training; Rica Conclusions 2015 renewed the efforts in raising the overall quality and status of VET in the context

of the Copenhagen process. Erasmus+ program supports the European cooperation in the field. Focus is on the mobility activities but also strategic partnerships are financed.

The issues we tackle with are also linked to the economic situation in EU. In Finland, for example, there will be a cut in funding of education and training, including VET. The unemployment rate of young people is still high in many European countries but at the same time there are vacancies that cannot be filled. Closer cooperation with the world of work is also needed.

IVETA can support building up partnerships outside Europe, sharing knowledge, skills and expertise of people working on the same questions in different countries. We could also share good practices among Executive Board, learn from each other and support each other as peers. 

Mari Kontturi, IVETA Vice President Europe

You can read more about the Riga Conclusions 2015 here:

Coming events:

EfVET Conference October 2015

The next EfVET Annual International Conference will take place in Paphos, Cyprus 21st - 24th October 2015. The topic of the conference is Excellence in VET making - the difference. EfVET is

More information available at:

More information about EfVET, European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training available at:


Visit Skills Competitions in Europe, Euroskills2016 will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden next year. Information available at

August 2015 Region  Report - Europe Region - submitted by Mari Kontturi



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