International Vocational Education and Training Association

North America

Vice President for this Region: 

Dr. John Gaal, United States

Dr. Gaal is the Director of Training and Workforce Development for the STL - KC Carpenters Regional Council.  As a labor representative, he currently serves on the St. Louis County Workforce Investment Board and the Missouri Workforce Investment Board. Over the past decade, he completed terms of service on the U.S. DOL’s Federal Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship, the SkillsUSA’s Board of Directors, the national Association for Career and Technical Education’s Board of Directors, and the Board of Education at the St. Louis Construction Careers Center Charter High School. John completed a union apprenticeship in carpentry 30+ years ago and has since earned an associate’s degree in construction management, a bachelor's degree in architecture, an MBA, and a doctor of education.  In addition, he was awarded two Fulbright Scholarships (Japan: 2010 and Canada: 2015).  Dr. Gaal just began his 20th year as an adjunct professor at Webster University.   John has been a member of IVETA since 2013.

Spring 2017 Report

Keeping focused despite the distractions



On February 5-7, 2017, the National Skills Coalition held its annual Skills Summit. As might be expected, the US elections in November 2016 have left many people wondering what direction the US will be headed in and how these policies will help/hurt our neighbors on our northern and southern borders. At that time, neither the Secretary of Education nor Secretary of Labor were approved by Congress. Since then, the Secretary of Education has been but labor still hangs in the balance. It is important that CTE (TVET) professionals in all three of these countries stay engaged with their elected officials. The past US president’s administration made great strides in intertwining the works of both departments mentioned above…we CANNOT lose this momentum! The picture above reveals that NSC stands ready and willing to assist us in keeping CTE a major strategy in growing our economies. (Kermit Kaleba facilitates a Hill Briefing—at the Russell Senate Building—on the Community College Compact.)

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Winter 2016 Report:

Combining our efforts!

New “annual” US format offers more to IVETA’s members

After months of discussion and a year or so in the planning, IVETA was provided five presentation slots under the New & Related Services Division’s International Section at ACTE’s Vision 2016. The event took place on December 1 & 2 in Las Vegas, NV. It was ACTE’s largest conference crowd in many years…approximately 4500 attendees. A couple of IVETA members attending as participants shared their pleasure in having access to hundreds of other workshops outside of their discipline(s).

Anyone who travels knows you need to be prepared to deal with the unexpected. To this end, it was a pleasure that eight of the 10 panelists showed up and delivered great programs to their audiences, as follows:

Panel 1- Dr. David Fretwell (TVET in developing countries)

Panel 2- Drs. John Gaal & Sandra Poirier (TVET in the 21st Century)

Panel 3- Dr. Ilhan Gunbayi (TVET and the impact of IT)

Panel 4- Drs. Vera Jacobson-Lundeberg & Christina Terrell(TVET and preparing global educators)

Panel 5- Dr. Davison Mupinga & Winston Fletcher (TVET and preparing for future skills)

Thanks again to Bob Mahlman (President-elect) and Chris Gardner (Executive Secretariat) for assisting with supportive services during this event.

Hopefully, IVETA can learn from this year’s experience and make next year’s (in Nashville, TN) even better.