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IVETA Member Benefits

The following services and products are provided by IVETA to promote its overall mission, for the low cost of USD 50.00 per year for individual membership.

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(Previoulsy the Professional Microgrant Program)
The IVETA TIIF was started in 2002 to assist individual IVETA members from developing countries to experiment, adapt, and develop new approaches in VET.  The results are disseminated to the international VET Community. The fund is financed from grants provided by Members and from you IVETA dues.  Click here for the proposal application and more information.

Regional and International Conferences (see Conferences & Events)
IVETA's conferences and meetings provide opportunities for you to meet your global colleagues. You will be able to share information and experiences for improving and advancing vocational education and training. There may be one or more regional conferences per year.  These are in addition to the IVETA Annual Meeting and Conference held in the USA in conjunction with the Association of Career and Technical Education (ACTE) at least one International Conference may be offered each year.

Membership Directory
(members only)
IVETA’s membership directory including telephone, Fax, E-mail, and other pertinent information about each IVETA member is available to all members electronically. It provides quick and easy contact with a wide variety of colleagues in vocational education and training across the globe to facilitate sharing of information on TVET.








Electronic Hotline
IVETA issues a quarterly electronic Hot Line to all members.  Click here for past issues of the Hotline.  The Hot Line includes brief alerts on TVET initiatives worldwide and IVETA organizational happenings.  It also contains related links where more detailed information can be found (including but not limited to the IVETA web site, conferences, and Journal (see following descriptions).

Web Site

IVETA maintains a web site with public and member access areas. The public web site includes general information about IVETA, and upcoming events and the Hot Line. Special “Member only” services include such items at the IVETA Journal, Electronic Forum, Archives, Membership Directory, etc.

The IVETA Journal has been published on a semi-annual basis since 1993.  Ir is a “juried” journal.  The largest department of the Journal is devoted to empirical research articles.  Selected issues focusing on single topics (e.g., Evaluation of TVET) will be issued occasionally. The Journal is distributed to all members in electronic form, via the Members Web Site.  Beginning with the 2014 issues of the journal access will be entirely electronic.  We will no longer provide printed copies.

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