Joining IVETA provides regular updates on what is happening in Vocational Education and Training world, a chance to network with your peers at our regional and international events; and tools to connect and interact with other IVETA members in the members only forums and directory at our website.

The following services and products are provided by IVETA to promote its overall mission, for the low cost of USD $50.00 per year for individual membership. Organizations may join for USD $300.00 and students are also invited to join IVETA.

Regional and International Conferences

IVETA's conferences and meetings provide opportunities for you to meet and collaborate with your global colleagues. You will be able to share information and experiences for improving and advancing vocational education and training right across the globe. There may be one or more regional conferences per year.

TVET Innovation and Improvement Fund (TIIF)

Previously the Professional Microgrant Program, the IVETA TIIF was started in 2002 to assist developing countries to experiment, adapt, and develop new approaches in VET. The results are disseminated to the international VET Community. The program is financed from grants provided by Members and from IVETA dues.

Membership Directory and Members’ Forums

IVETA’s membership directory including contact and other pertinent information about each IVETA member is available to all members electronically. It provides quick and easy contact with a wide variety of colleagues in vocational education and training across the globe to facilitate sharing of information on TVET.

IVETA Journal

The IVETA Journal has been published on a semi-annual basis since 1993. It is a reviewed journal. The largest department of the Journal is devoted to empirical research articles. The Journal is distributed to all members in electronic form, via the Members Web Site.


Membership in IVETA is for one year, you must renew your membership each year in order to be an active member.  The IVETA membership year begins when you join IVETA. Memberships should be renewed as close to your expiration as possible.  When your membership is due to expire your will be notified electronically. This will assure your continued access to the membership listings and the electronic version of the journal.

Organizational/Institutional Membership - Open to any interested educational organization, public, non-profit or for profit.  Membership includes six associates at the same organization.  If a person leaves the organization/institution, please notify the executive secretariat if there is a replacement.