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  • 07 Nov 2015 8:50 AM | IVETA (Administrator)

    Are you interested in participating in an international externship for educators that reveals a time-tested strategy? Then join us next spring while we examine successful aspects of Germany’s Advanced Manufacturing sector.

    Dr. Joe Wise has offered to act as the tour guide for an Apprenticeship Tour of Germany in Spring 2016. Joe has lead this tour for several years back since the early to mid-2000s. We plan to investigate what makes the German model of apprenticeship the envy of the world when it comes to career and technical education (CTE / TVET). There will be 3 major stops: Munich (to showcase labor-management relations that makes this system tick), Nuremberg (to tour one of the most automated factories in the world: mechatronics), and Berlin (to experience Siemens train-the-trainer model). The estimated cost of this tour will be approx $5500.

    A minimum of 10 paid registrations and a maximum of 15 paid registrations are required to ensure this tour will be pursued. Deadline for registration is Jan 8, 2016.

    Please contact the following for registration info:

    Dr. John Gaal
    Director of Training & Workforce Development
    STL-KC Carpenters Regional Council
    1401 Hampton AVE
    St. Louis, MO 63139

    Proposed Agenda:















    Arrive Munich

    Meet with Chamber of Crafts

    Depart for Nuremberg

    Visit Siemens Factory

    Depart for Berlin

    Visit Siemens Academy

    Depart for USA


  • 24 Sep 2015 7:33 PM | IVETA (Administrator)

    - by Javier Amaro


    TVET2015ALessons from World TVET Conference 2015 – Day one
    Vocational development is a lifelong journey and VET providers must prepare individuals for advanced occupational standards that have evolved from work-task based to work-process focused.

    It was a pleasure and an honour for me to present at the World TVET Conference 2015 in Kuching, Malaysia. Education and training professionals from around the world had the opportunity to get together for a few days and discuss the transformation and globalisation of technical and vocational education and its effect on developing living skills in the 21st century.

    Read More - click here

  • 22 Sep 2015 4:45 PM | IVETA (Administrator)

    By John Peterson

    Being part of a community of any kind can be a wonderful experience. Discovering a global community and being instantly welcomed in from the cold is on a whole different level.

    This is what I experienced last week when I attended the World Technical Global Vocation Education and Training (TVET) Conference for 2015 as a Keynote Speaker at the Borneo Convention Centre in Malaysia.   Click here to read the rest of the article.

  • 14 Sep 2015 7:57 AM | IVETA (Administrator)

    IVETA was honoured to be invited to partner with the Sarawak Skills Development Centre in holding the World TVET Conference in Kuching Malaysia from 25 to 27 August 2015. At the conclusion of what was an incredibly stimulating and exciting conference, a number of conference delegates including several of us from the IVETA Executive were privileged to have the opportunity to visit and tour the Centre of Technical Excellence Sarawak known as Centexs.

    The Centexs brand is expressed as ‘setting the gold standard for technical training in Sarawak’.

    It is a new centre. It was officially launched by the Governor of Sarawak in October 2014 and is spearheading Sarawak’s determination to build the skills needed for Sarawak’s rapidly growing industry base and economy.

    There are currently six program areas - oil and gas, construction, electrical, port, manufacturing and hospitality and 500 students annually but with a clear plan to expand the occupations covered and extend to new campuses. All the trades are industry-certified and conducted in partnership with industry to ensure that the students graduate with skills that meet industry needs and labour market demands.

    But all those are just facts. It’s visiting Centexs that makes you feel inspired.  I’ve worked in the Australian vocational education and training system for 16 years and I’m proud of our system but I learned so much from Centexs about engagement with industry for real world skills and how if TVET is seen as high status and high outcome it motivates students and staff to achieve as nothing else can. There is also a focus on entrepreneurship, equipping students with the skills and belief in the value of establishing a small business which can grow and prosper, an integrated approach we could learn from in Australia where so much of our economy is powered by small business.

    We were privileged to meet with the CEO and his management team, and teachers and students in the electrical, tailoring (part of the manufacturing program), welding and hospitality programs. Without fail we met teachers with long and current industry and business management experience and students excited about their studies and the prospects of success ahead. I was also personally impressed by the inclusion in the programs of ‘mental fitness training’, a concept I understand to be about building resilience and the capability to effectively manage the ups and downs of today’s world of life and work.

    Attendance at international conferences is always inspiring. They offer intellectual stimulation, new ways of thinking and new friendships that span the globe.  But in addition, for me, it’s always the stories of students and the outcomes they achieve that really lift me and stay with me.  I thank the staff and students of Centexs for sharing their stories and offering me the chance to learn from them.

    If you want to learn more

    - by Margo Couldrey, IVETA General Secretary

  • 30 Aug 2015 1:26 AM | IVETA (Administrator)

    The IVETA International Conference (World TVET Conference 2015) held in Kuching, Sarawak from 25-27 August 2015 was a huge success. The theme was “Quantum Leap: Transformation and Globalisation of TVET – Living Skills in the 21st Century”.  It was the most successful international conference IVETA has ever held.  There were over 750 delegates from 22 different countries and the keynote and guest speakers  were of the highest calibre.  The program commenced at 8.00 am each day and often we were still going well into the night experiencing the incredible hospitality of our hosts and the local delegates.  Lots of networking took place which laid a platform for us to mix and talk about IVETA.  We already have over 60 new members from this conference with many more expected to join over the next couple of months.  Thank you so much to the Conference Organisers for all their hard work and particularly their Chairman and our Vice President for South Asia – Dato Haji Baharudin Bin Haji Abdullah. More than 700 delegates attended the World TVET Conference 2015 held in Kuching, Malaysia on 25-27 August.

     -by Carmel Thompson, IVETA President

    Click here for a few photos from the event.

  • 29 Aug 2015 7:04 AM | IVETA (Administrator)

    VETnetwork Australia is celebrating their 20 year anniversary in 2015 and to help recognise this occasion, the organisation will be hosting a full day workshop and dinner on Thursday September 17th, 2015 in Canberra. The workshop will focus on the achievements of VETiS for young Australians and the VET practitioner including discussion and reflection on pedagogy, professionalism, practice and process. Confirmed speakers include Ms Jodi Schmidt, CEO of TAFE Queensland, who will provide an overview of the need to ‘professionalise the VET professional’ and Ms Kira Clarke, Lecturer in Education Policy, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, who will provide an overview of her recent research in relation to vocational education for young people and VET in Schools. A panel session facilitated by Mr Mark Callaghan, CEO of WorldSkills Australia will showcase the winning ‘Skillaroos’ from the 43rd International WorldSkills Competition due to be held from 11th -16th of August at Anhembi Exhibition Centre in São Paulo, Brazil. The dinner will include a keynote speaker, recognition awards and more.


    For more information on this event, visit:


    Register for the event here:

  • 01 Jun 2015 9:08 AM | IVETA (Administrator)

    On 18 December 2014, the United Nations General Assembly adopted by consensus, a resolution, spearheaded by Sri Lanka, declaring 15th July as the World Youth Skills Day. Sri Lanka initiated this resolution, with the assistance of the G77 & China, to highlight at a global level, the importance of youth skills development. The goal is to achieve better socio-economic conditions for today’s youth, including as a means of addressing the challenges of unemployment and under employment. The UN Secretary - General’s Special Envoy for Youth, Mr. Ahmed Alhendawi, and his office supported this initiative from the early days, while the UN system in New York and Colombo were solidly behind it.

    Since it was first suggested in the Strategy Committee, WorldSkills International has pursued a World Skills Day but, once connections were made with the UN in New York, WorldSkills International fully supported the proposal of Sri Lanka for a World Skills Youth Day.

    For more information, click here:

  • 01 Jan 2015 8:54 PM | IVETA (Administrator)

    Ms. Carmel Thompson, IVETA President 2015-2016

    The results of the IVETA elections for 2015 completed on December 5 are as follows:

    • President Elect: Robert Mahlman – USA

    • General Secretary: Margo Couldrey – Australia

    Vice Presidents:

    • Southern Africa: Wilson K. Makulumiza-Nkhoma – Malawi

    • Eastern & Western Africa: John Ntamuhiira Twesigye – Uganda

    • East Asia & the Pacific: Lori Hocking – Australia

    • East Europe & Central Asia: Ilhan Gunbayi – Turkey (will stay on until a new Vice President is found)

    • Europe: Mari Konturri – Finland (will stay on until a new Vice President is found)

    • Latin America and the Caribbean: Nigel Forgenie – Trinidad & Tobago

    • North America: John Gaal – Missouri USA

    • Middle East & Northern Africa: Vacant

    • South Asia: Baharduin Haji Abdullah – Malaysia

    Thank you to all of those who participated in the ballot. We had a wonderful response.

    There were several matters addressed & discussed at executive meeting in Nashville and annual business meeting:

    1. Constitutional Changes put forward were overwhelmingly accepted. See the website for the new Constitution which brings our constitution and by-laws back into alignment.

    1. Adjustments to regional boundaries for Africa, South Asia and East Asia and The Pacific to provide a fairer distribution of regions so Vice Presidents can address service and liaise with members more equitably .

    1. International Conference in 2015 will take place in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia in August. Our website and regular Hotline newsletter will provide you with relevant information in the new year. You will not want to miss this exciting event. 

    1. Our website has been completely upgraded and a new addition will be an added. A page dedicated to each region.. Members and vice presidents can provide updates on what is happening in TVET in their country. We hope you will all be active in providing this information which can be shared by our members so we are all kept informed of changes and best practice examples.

    My new team (the Executive Committee) and I  will work very hard in 2015 to promote membership and provide better services so that we can all share expertise, learn and grow. This in turn will promote the virtues of vocational training in preparing national workforces and workers for the challenging times we have ahead.

    Let’s make 2015 a very successful and fulfilling year for ourselves, our institutions and our students!!

    Ms Carmel Thompson

    President 2015

  • 15 Dec 2014 8:48 PM | IVETA (Administrator)

    The IVETA Awards Committee is pleased to announce the 2014 Awards.  The awards were announced at the Awards Luncheon in Nashville.  The recipients of the awards may be found by Clicking Here.   Congratulations to all the recipients.

  • 14 Dec 2014 8:49 PM | IVETA (Administrator)

    The results of the election are now complete Click Here to see the results.  The constitution change is also on the web site.  We would like to thank all of those who voted.  During the executive committee meeting, the committee made the decision to divide Africa under two Vice President's.  There are a large number of members from Africa.  This will make it easier for members to get better service.  We are now using Eastern and Western Africa and Southern Africa as the two designations.

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